WhatsApp to capture market; whatsapp cashback offer when sending money through the app

Whatsapp is going to give huge cash back

WhatsApp is all set to launch a cashback offer to gain a strong presence in the market. The move is aimed at attracting more users to their payment system. Merchants also offer similar incentives for payments. The goal is to confront rivals, including Google.

WhatsApp will launch cashback in the last week of May. The system will offer a refund of up to Rs 33 for transactions. According to reports, the cashback will be for financial transactions sent to the WhatsApp account through WhatsApp. It is reported that cashback will be received no matter how much money is sent. Even if you transfer one rupee, you will get cashback. Although the cashback amount will be small, experts say that it will help bring more people to WhatsApp Payments.
Incentives are also available for bills and tolls. The market has a long list of competitors such as Google Pay, Paytm and PhonePay. So in the coming days we will know how the entry of the giant company WhatsApp will affect the UPI transactions.
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